Integration of Technology

I thought it It interesting that samples of technology used is one of our choices for reflection. This summer has been like Christmas for technology acquistion for me. I received a very substantial grant at the end of the school year for innovation in the classroom from my teachers union. I had completed my first course EDUC 533 in the spring, and had learned of contructivism. I had integrated the principles of constructed learning into a successful project proposal called "Film Shorts". The project has provided funding for a camcorder for film production, an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo laptop for video editing, and a 37 inch LCD TV for viewing.

LCD.jpgI used the first week of August to go into my classroom and set up the technology. One of my early wishes for the project was to be free of cables. I had inquired in practically every computer store within a 200 km radius, as to how do this. Strangely no one knew how to create a cable free system. Persistance does pay off. My school technician had been helping me install a wireless internet router in my classroom, and was looking at my set-up of having a twenty foot VGA cable connecting the LCD TV to the laptop. The plan was to work on the laptop a distance from the TV.

We were seeing for the first time the desktop image on the TV. I had a wireless mouse and was marveling at how well the curser worked on the LCD TV from everywhere in the room. At that point my technican suggested that a wireless keyboard would work as well. My eyes must have doubled in size. The next day, I purchased the keyboard and presto - total wireless. I had made a trolley for the LCD TV. Now the laptop sits directly under the TV, and students have the option of sitting anywhere in the room while working via the wireless keyboard and mouse. In addition to finally achieving my wireless goal, we now have the added bonus of having the very expensive laptop out of harms way (hands-free) as students work on a detached keyboard.

Now my next chore is to learn about camcorders and video editing.